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Electronic invoicing for companies will soon become a legal requirement in France, as it is already the case in some countries (Italy).

Thanks to our e-invoicing add-on for dematerialisation of invoices, you will be in compliance with the new rules. You will be able to send your customer invoices and integrate your supplier invoices in the electronic format required by the State.

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Features of the e-invoicing add-on :

  • Automatic export of your customer invoices in xml format
  • Automatic integration of supplier invoices into your SAP ERP
  • Reduce the risk of data entry errors and duplicates
  • Uniform integration and storage of invoices in your SAP ERP
  • Reduce your paper consumption by eliminating invoice printing
  • Guarantee to be up to date for the application of the reform making electronic invoicing mandatory in 2024

Project implementation :

Difficulty of implementation :  (easy)

Implementation time :  (very fast)

Implementation cost: €3,500

Subscription cost: 250 €/month

L'avis de l'expert :

When the state implements a new mandatory scenario, it is always stressful for the company to understand what is at stake, how to go about it, when and why?

Our solution answers all of these questions and ensures that the customer receives a reliable and compliant solution. Moreover, we even have the possibility to massively upload supplier invoices and this is a significant time saving!

Jasmine, Consultante fonctionnelle groupe Conseils-plus / Sileron
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